Does anybody want to talk and/or cry about Nashville with me?

A Tube Top Television plea in which I discuss Nashville’s many great qualities, including: sexy people, music, Connie Britton, more sexy people.

Tube Top Television

It’s time you all woman up and face the facts.

1)Nashville is the sexiest show on Network TV. 2) Not enough of you are watching it, so… —> 3) I have no one to talk to about Connie Britton’s curls, Connie Britton’s sexytime, unexpected lesbian sexytime, the eternal plight of Deacon “Maddie-Daddy” Claybourne, whether or not the real world of country music is actually this incestuous, and how sick I am of Teddy, Peggy, couples with names that both end in Y, and fake pregnancies on TV.

Therefore, I’m going to spend a blog post trying to convince some of you to like Nashville, or at the very least, look at some cute GIFs and photos of pretty people sexing. Here we go:






Shit. Is Un. Real. Not only have I never seen so much panties-on-because-ABC-Legal-insisted, ideally-lit-by-candlelight-yet-totally-“spontaneous” sex scenes, makeups, breakups, and re-makeups, but also, each one…

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