Girls Season 3: Trailer Analysis, Speculation, Hopes, and Dreams

Counting down the days until 1/12/14…

Tube Top Television

The GIRLS Season 3 Trailer is heeeeeeeere! As avid Girls fans, Lena fans, and premium cable fans, the Tube Top Team could not be more excited. So, while we bide our time until the premiere – 1/12/14, according to Lena’s instagram – we’ll be watching, re-watching, and hungrily predicting what’s to come for our fearsome foursome in season 3. Love you, Lena.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 12.46.48 PM

Below please find just a few of the many inferences drawn, feelings felt, and wishes wished that resulted from this titillating trailer viewing experience:

1) “The glory of God is all around us, Hannah! Trees. Frogs. Birdie-Birds!” says Adam, in the first lines of the trailer. YES. ADAM. LOVE YOU. YOU ARE SO SEXY. SO GLAD YOU ARE FOR REAL BACK TOGETHER AND NOT JUST RUNNING ACROSS THE CITY FOR A FACETIME RESCUE MISSION. YOU REALLY WERE ALWAYS HERE. Hannah = not so thrilled. “I hate this!” she replies…

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