Tube Top Ten: Ranking Mindy Kaling’s Males

Tube Top Television

Let’s face it: Mindy Kaling’s posse of men – from guest stars to co-stars to just plain friendsies who she hangs with and tweets clever quips at – is probably the most AMAHZING gaggle of males a girl could stumble upon. Some are sexy, some are funny, some are totally swoon-worthy, others are not to be taken seriously.

Speaking of not to be taken seriously… Adam Pally. PAUSE. NEED TO SAY SOMETHING OFF TOPIC: RIP Happy Endings, one of the best shows of all time, with one of the best casts of all time. You were shut down too soon, leaving us with so many questions.


Questions like: How many times will Alex and Dave get back together and break up again? Will Jane make it to 50? Will Brad ever return to the dentist? How many new words will Penny make up in her lifetime? How long until Damon…

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