What am I going to do with my life?

Here’s the thing: for the next 4-5 months, I’m going to try and figure it out. I am so grateful to be able to take some time in my life (sans full time work – at least for now – yes, I AM so lucky!) to ask myself these Big Life Questions and Try New Things, and also SO SCARED to ask the questions and try the things. Maybe if I write it down…?

Here are some life paths and to do’s I am contemplating during my time off (all with a side of “slash highly successful novelist & TV writer,” obviously.):

  1. Become a Florist. (Note: This is current #1 as I am doing the flowers for one of my best friend’s weddings next September and CANNOT stop practicing + overspending at the LA Flower Market.)
  2. Become an Event Planner. Plan fantastic, mind-blowing creative arts and crafts conferences at v trendy boutique getaway locations (ie Joshua Tree House, Ojai Rancho Inn) where I meet every crafty person I have ever followed on instagram.
  3. Write a novel (OK, yes, am doing this now. But it still goes on the list because I’m not finished yet!)
  4. Keep my apartment clean for more than 1 day.
  5. Learn to macrame.
  6. Make a macrame wall hanging for our bedroom.
  7. Take one of those 5 minute storytelling class things.
  8. Perform my own stand up comedy routine without fear to a rapt audience and receive standing ovation.
  9. Sell my homemade candles at my own local farmer’s market stand.
  10. Come up with name for said local farmer’s market stand. Must be alliterative and involve puns + my name. (Grace’s Glamorous Garden? Can we do better?)
  11. Start a DIY empire that turns into my own HGTV show. Also must have alliterative and punny name.
  12. Volunteer at an organization I care about. Find passion, direction, and guidance through helping others.
  13. Cover apartment in flower garland string lights that provide warming ambiance.
  14. Grow a successful potted balcony garden feat. herbs and small vegetables.
  15. Learn to preserve flowers so they dry beautifully and crisply and can stay on my walls with their warm-ambiance-providing string lights forever.
  16. Learn the original Authentic Beyonce Choreography to a Beyonce song.
  17. Learn the names of all my favorite flowers.
  18. Learn to draw and/or paint with watercolors.
  19. Learn to bake healthy snacks.
  20. Learn French.
  21. Learn to surf.
  22. Learn how to go upside down in yoga + hold cool handstand poses.
  23. Successfully propagate a succulent.
  24. Publish a coffee table book.
  25. Get married (I’m working on it OK.)
  26. Plan my own wedding. (See #2. Baby steps?)
  27. Work in marketing?

Do YOU have ideas about what I should do with my life? Leave your answers in the comments! I am v open to feedback and suggestions!


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