Nora Ephron / Crazy Salad / Scribble Scribble Review + Some Thoughts about Listening

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Guys. I just signed up for and I swear to buddha it’s effing amahzing. In an effort to increase my productivity, I decided I would start READING IN MY CAR and wow. Let me tell you. It has been a journey. Perhaps this is old news. After all, Audible has existed for hella years, we’re on like, the katrillionth model of the iPhone by now, and have I never heard of a podcast? It’s true, I am soooo 2000 and late to jump on the audiobook train. Regardless, I feel like I’m re-discovering the joy of reading books again after a year of poorly written and/or sexist feature scripts, TV pilots I almost lost faith in, and little else. The whole thing is pretty damn revolutionary, if you ask me.

To wit: Nora Ephron’s essays have completely captivated me. I recently finished listening to both Crazy Salad: Some Things About…

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