Homeland Season 3 Precap: Wassup with where we left off?

It’s Homeland Week on Tube Top TV, and I am recapping/precapping in anticipation of Sunday’s “premiere,” whether or not the whole internet has already seen S3E1. Homeland drinking game coming soon!

Tube Top Television

Oh, Homeland. You crazy crazy soap opera. Like True Blood and Dexter, Homeland is one of those shows that  set a really high standard for itself. Unlike True Blood and Dexter, Homeland’s downhill spiral started early. Like, after Q&A, the Emmy-winning episode written by Henry Bromell in which Carrie effing finally gets da truth out of the ever tight-lipped Brody. If you want more, here’s the Wikipedia page.  I considered, instead of this precap, writing an open letter to David Nevins begging him to allow/force his writers to SLOW THE TRAIN DOWN and NOT LET THIS SHOW BECOME 24 (same creators, same tendency to put politicians in entirely unrealistic situations and let them get away with totes illegal stuff then write around the consequences rather than addressing them… but 24 has a built-in structural gimmick – 24 hours – that helps the write-around process, not to mention the inherent…

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