OKStupid(ity, and other musings)

So, I’ve been writing more for The Gaggle lately. As an aspiring web-celeb, it would not be at all beneficial for me not to share said writings and musings. Namely, a series of posts about OKCupid. First: your profile. Second: messaging. Third (coming soon): OKCupid speed dating week, where I will analyze the pros and cons of every first date activity imaginable… juuuust as soon as I get the free time to go on the dates!

SO: to end up with hotties like this one…


…please consider reading the below posts, liking them, tweeting them, tweeting at me about how much you love them/calling me a brilliant genius.

They may say “For the Dudes”, but really they’re For The Everyones. So if you’re a dude who has been using pick up lines like:


Or you’re a lady looking to get laid like:


… but you can’t seem to find him on the internets, then please check out the below.

1. For the Dudes: Top 5 Ways to Improve Your OKCupid Profile

2. For the Dudes: Top 5 OKCupid Messaging Tips & Tricks

Thanks for reading, friends and lovelies!


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