Happy Birthday to All of 100

A couple years ago today, some friends of mine began an initiative-turned-into-book called All of 100. The idea behind All of 100 is this: write 100 words per day. Not more, not less (although part of the goal is to get writers writing, so if your 100 words propelled you into intense compulsion to write an amazing short story or a casual draft of your magnum opus, more power to you).

100 words isn’t very many. A strange type of discipline is gained from writing 100 words a day. It’s an exercise in editing and playing with fragments and creating a lot out of a little, but mostly in making yourself DO.

While I still write 100 word blurbs of nothingness for giggles and exercise, I’m not going to post any of them today. You should thank me, since they’re atrocious. However, in honor of All of 100’s birthday, below please find the one amalgamation of 100 words that somehow turned into a semblance of something. Namely, a poem about my Mom. Love you, Mom!

“Just Checking In”


I have some unfortunate news.
I ate the last cookie,
the lopsided one
from that last batch
you made
for yourself

It was yours to savor
and I stole it,
kind of like I stole
your thirties,
and those black shoes,
from your closet
for myself.
For me,

forgive the indiscretion?
(about the cookie, I mean…)
I notice
when there are two –
one for me
one for you
(cookies, that is…)

For me,
you’ve given up so much:
yourself –
and now baked goods.
I’ve savored
All of it.

So thanks.
Love you,
From me.

If you are interested in participating in the All of 100 initiative, check out the blawg here and submit your 100 words! And do peruse the site while you’re at it, there are some bomb ass dank ass lil prose nuggets on there.

*Originally posted on allof100.wordpress.com*


One thought on “Happy Birthday to All of 100

  1. This sounds like it was a very fruitful project. I appreciate brevity, but 100 words. I think of something I read once that said, “I would have written you a shorter letter, but I ran out of time.”

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